Arctos Keep You Cool Days and Nights

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  • 3-in-1 unit to cool, circulate & humidify air around
  • Low Noise Operation to cater for work & rest
  • Mini Design to put anywhere
  • Low Consumption to save you money
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Editor Verdict

Arctos is the newest trustworthy, economical way of cooling-off. It's compact design allows you to take it anywhere you go or put it any place you need. True instant cooling tech makes Arctos surpass any portable air coolers on the market.

Rapid Coolingcool down any personal space in a few minutes

3-in-1 Unitair cooler & humidifier & fan

Low Noisefriendly to your sleep and work

Replaceable Water Filtermake sure you always get cool fresh

Low Consumptiontake care of the environment and your wallet

Compact & Modern Designsuit for office & home & outdoors

Rapid Cooling Makes Arctos Superior

Arctos set a record of selling thousands of units even before the summer of 2022 has arrived. Want to find out why so many Americans have chosen Arctos?

Instant Cooling

Arctos is able to cool down any individual space in a few minutes. By placing the wet filter in freezer until frozon, it can drop the temperature around you in seconds.


Arctos can be used as an air cooler, air humidifier as well as a common fan. It helps you create your own personal comfort zone.

Low Consumption

Arctos is able to cools down the air and creates a pleasant space in a few seconds while running on just pennies a day.

Read on for our full reviews of Arctos portable air cooler.

Arctos Intro

The Arctos Air start-up was established by a group of experienced air cooler designers. Their objective was to produce a minimal expense and low maintenance air cooler that is suitable for any space you want it most.

Arctos has turned into the options of numerous Americans. They set a record of selling thousands of units even before the summer of 2022 has arrived. Many people never heard of Arctos because they never advertise. They would rather let their products and solid feedback speak for them!

Arctos is easy to use. Requires no professional technicians to install. More lightweight and compact than most portable air cooler on the market.

With the finest materials, the unique cooling method and long duration of operation, Arctos offers the best value for budget!

Product Details

Arctos — Vent

adjustable vent to let you point the fresh, cool air to the area you want

Arctos — Fan Mode

breeze & cool & chill, customized airflow to meet varied moments

Arctos — Water Tank

450ml water tank, easy to refill from the top and check the remaining volume from the side

Arctos — Operation Time

long duration that lasts up to several hours

Arctos — Portability

light weight enables to carry it with you anywhere you go

Arctos — LED Light

built-in soft night light to provide you intimate care

Price & Warranty

Arctos are on a 50% discount now, priced at $89.99 instead of the original $178. Think about the cheap and nasty chillers on the market and the traditional expensive air conditioner, $89.99 is the most cost-effective price for such a superior budget!

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Should I Go For Arctos?

Go For Arctos If

You are looking for real portability

The mini design allows you to place Arctos portable air cooler on your office desk, nightstand, kitchen counter, or any place you need it most. The lightweight enables you to carry it around the house or while traveling. Just plug it in, soak the water filter and fill up the tank.

You are demanding for efficiency

Rapid cooling feature enables Arctos to cool down the air around you rapidly within only a few minutes. The best part, cost-efficient runs on just pennies a day!

You prefer a comfortable life

Easy to use. High cooling efficiency. Big water tank. Long duration of running time. Lightweight and compact. Ultra quiet operation. Soft night light. Arctos just wants to make your life better and simpler.

Don't Go For Arctos If

You value brand more than quality
Arctos are for people who want their money to go toward quality and comfort rather than great brand stories or higher brand awareness.

There is a limited stock and their 50% discount could go at any time!